WEF Sponsors MLK Day of Service at Lachat Farm

January 2021

WEF was honored to be a sponsor of the visionary MLK Day of Service planned by @lachattownfarm to commemorate MLK Day 2021. WEF provided funding to help purchase the children’s book “A Ride to Remember”, which was co-written by the first African-American child to ride a carousel in a Baltimore amusement park. Sharon Langley’s ride coincided with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, DC, in August 1963. The book will be given to all families who participate in the Day of Service and has also been given to every teacher at Hurlbutt and WIS to share with their students. A recorded reading of the book by Hamilton’s Renee Goldsberry was made available on the Lachat Town Farm website on MLK Day.