Weston Education Foundation Presents 2015 David Trigaux Award

The Weston Education Foundation (WEF) recently honored Weston High School Art Educator, Gina Arena, with the esteemed David Trigaux Innovation Award. WEF gives this award to teachers who demonstrate an unusual level of originality and dedication toward creative teaching. The Award may be used in any way that fosters educational innovation, including travel, studies, or work outside the classroom.

Ms. Arena was recognized for her work with a broad array of students who she encourages to find creative solutions through visual problem solving. “I believe everyone has the ability to visually express him or herself and I strive to give students the confidence to do so,” she said.

Students in Ms. Arena’s class are directed to use various techniques learned throughout the semester to demonstrate their mastery of creative problem solving skills. At the end of a unit, students write artist’s statements to reflect on their work. “They also receive peer feedback during student led, formal class critiques where they are encouraged to highlight their peers’ successes and make concrete suggestions for areas that could be improved,” she explained.

WEF is honored to present this prestigious award in support of innovative educators such as Ms. Arena. We encourage other educators to celebrate her unique spirit and to pursue their own innovative paths. For more information on WEF and the David Trigaux Award, please visit www.westoneducationfoundation.org

Weston Education Foundation Grants Help Westonites Realize their Dreams

The Weston Education Foundation (WEF) is celebrating its 20th year of grants to our community since the Foundation launched in 1994.

“We have a great deal to be proud of,” said Lois Guberman, Chair, Grants Committee. “Our grants continue to grow in areas of excellence that are deeply beneficial to our students and other members of our Weston community.”

WEF’s most recent grant highlights include some of those made since September of 2013.

Circle Social Skills Curriculum Grant: Targeted to Weston Middle School and High School students with special needs, this grant provided a curriculum that focuses on social boundaries and behavioral relationships. The unique curriculum also supports the teachers who help these students.

Expert in Residence Music Composition Grant: The funds awarded allowed Weston Middle School students who participate in the band and chorus to work with renowned professional, Barbara Schottenfeld, to create an original piece of music. The composition was performed at the 8th grade concert on May 15th.

Weston Girl Scout Troop 50456 Bronze Award Project: This grant provided funds to a troop of 5th graders to create and air a public service announcement (PSA). The topic of the PSA is cyberbullying and will use animation to educate local 5th and 6th graders about its dangers and tools for standing up to this kind of bullying.

New Yorker Series: WEF was one of the groups that helped to fund our Public Library’s New Yorker speaker series. This series provides a unique platform for the discussion of interesting topics that the entire community can enjoy.

Expert in Residence Grant to Hurlbutt Elementary School Music Program: Music has long been recognized as a powerful educational tool. Funds from this grant support the use of music to encourage academic development. “The project started as a pilot to focus on students with special needs and may be expanded to the rest of the school,” Guberman explained. “It uses a variety of musical experiences to impact problem solving, social-emotional, self-awareness, confidence and cognitive skills.”

Community Education Grant: The Norfield Children’s Center was recently awarded grant monies to purchase materials to develop STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) problem solving skills.  The Norfield Children’s Center is an independent, non-profit organization that provides pre-school education and after school care that is available to all Weston residents.   In addition, they have three high school student interns who will utilize the materials as they work with the children.

“We continue to receive and fund additional grants,” Guberman noted. “A call for new Community Education Grants will go out in the fall.”

2014 Annual Appeal Letter

The Weston Education Foundation (WEF) is proud to be celebrating its 20th year in Weston. Your generous donations have allowed us to fund initiatives that cultivate meaningful learning experiences for our community. I invite you to partner with WEF as we move forward to 2015 and support excellence and innovation in education.

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Weston Education Foundation Welcomes New Slate of Officers and Rebrands with a New Logo; New Web Site in Progress

After years of service as President of the Weston Education Foundation (WEF), Maria Kalivas has stepped down to pursue other interests. “Maria was an integral part of WEF’s success. Our new board will be sure to honor her legacy by growing the Foundation in a positive direction for the benefit of the entire community,” noted Eileen Sawyer who was elected incoming President at the group’s December 2013 meeting. Joining Eileen is a new slate of officers including:

Vice President: Dana Lintell
Grants Chair: Lois Guberman
Secretary: Alisa Trugerman
Treasurer: Tammy Roberts

WEF presents David Trigaux Awards

The Weston Education Foundation (WEF) had much to celebrate in May when it awarded not one but three winners the esteemed David Trigaux Innovation Award.

The education foundation gives this award to a teacher or teachers who demonstrate an unusual level of originality and dedication toward creative teaching. The award may be used in any way that fosters educational innovation, including travel, studies, or work outside the classroom.

The award is available each year in honor of David Trigaux, who was a teacher, principal, and, from 1992-99, superintendent of Weston schools. He was widely recognized for encouraging innovation in education and for his support of teachers who brought it to their classroom.  Read article in the WestonForum.com, June 20, 2014

Principal for the Day

The Weston Forum: Hurlbutt Elementary School second grader Ben Gilhuly, with HES Principal Laura Kaddis, was the proud winner of the Weston Education Foundation’s (WEF’s) ‘Principal for the Day’ Award.

The prize was auctioned during WEF’s fall Trivia Night. As the winner, Ben was able to experience firsthand the joys and trials in the life of a principal.

All proceeds from Trivia Night support the foundation’s mission to promote excellence and innovation in education for Westonites of all ages.