Criteria for Grant Awards

In making its grant decisions, WEF will consider all relevant factors including:

  • the existence of clearly-defined goals
  • the innovative nature of the project and/or goals
  • the number of students or learners who are expected to benefit initially as well as long-term
  • the potential for future sustainability or expansion of the project
  • the ability to evaluate whether goals are successfully met
  • for grants involving the retention of experts or consultants, a demonstration of the expert’s qualifications and suitability for the project, and, where applicable, the potential for the wider dissemination of the knowledge and/or data derived from the expert’s work

WEF does NOT fund:

  • annual appeals or fundraising events
  • open space purchases
  • support for religious or political organizations
  • for-profit, parochial, charter, or private schools
  • nonprofit endowments
  • certain types of capital requests (for example, furniture or building improvements)
  • ongoing personnel expenses and existing school programs