The Weston Education Foundation relies on the generosity of community members and business donors to provide the funding for the various grant programs for our schools and community. These awards have funded new initiatives, staff development projects, and other enrichment activities that could not be included in the regular school budget.

Our impact in 2015

Science Experiment Leaf Packet – Weston Middle School                                                        $1,100

This project allows 6th grade students to conduct research through collecting and analyzing authentic data through the identification of local macro-invertebrate species.

Lachat Town Farm Educational Programs – Community                                                          $1,540

Educational programs for a multi-generational audience in Weston including Animal Embassy Vernal Pool Walk and Talk;  Garlic Festival;  Family Scavenger Hunt; Native American Program;  Plein-air painting class; Children’s gardening class; and a Nature Craft Class.

Weston Historical Society Oral History Series – Community                                                    $1,500

Weston Voices Oral History Series initiated by the Weston Historical Society allows our town’s past vibrantly alive by gathering, preserving, and celebrating the voices of a wide range of our long-time residents, resulting in a community portrait that articulates Weston’s unique “DNA” for generations to come.

Robotics Clubs – Weston Intermediate School/Weston Middle School                                 $17,500

Students will be exposed to the science and technology concepts involved in working with robotics. They will have an opportunity to identify and socialize with peers and teacher mentors with similar interest in robotics and other STEM related areas.

Weston Public School Writing Center – Weston High School                                                    $6,000

This writing center pilot includes student workshops in the areas of topic thesis and research writing, professional development involving writing strategies for 9th and 10th English and social studies departments, and an online writing resource.

Online Newspaper – Weston High School                                                                                     $1,000

The objective of this grant is to help build a healthy, modern Journalism program at Weston High School through purchasing of an online newspaper and team building.

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