Our Donors

The work of the Weston Education Foundation is made possible by the generous contributions of many individuals, businesses, and institutions. We recognize the donors who made gifts during fiscal year 2022-23, and are grateful for the confidence they have shown in our community and its future.

PATRONS: $1,000 and over

Marcia Hamelin & Dennis Tracey

Eric Vacca

SUSTAINERS: $500-$999                                       

The Howard & Katherine Aibel Foundation

Heather & Patrick Chila

Brittain & Steve Ezzes

Hurlbutt Elementary School PTO

Martin Mohabeer

The Sherlock Family

Steven Stockman

Weston High School PTO                                                                        

Weston Middle School PTO

Michelle Wood

Melissa & Bryan Young

CONTRIBUTORS: $250-$499                                 

The Alwang Family

Mark Bieler

Julie O’Connor & Dan Burstein

Nicole Ugrin Cappella & Brooks Cappella

Christopher Crucitti

Bridget & John Holmes

Pam & Dallas Kersey

The Krichavsky-Meadows Family

Maria & Eric Nordstrom

Melissa Ramin

Wendy & Phil Schaefer

Elizabeth W. Stokes

Sanjay Sunder

Melissa & Douglas Walker

The Weston Racquet Club

Jane & Richard Wolf

ASSOCIATES: $100-$249

Rita & Anthony Coscia

The Gilmore Family

Debby Katz

Dr. Marcia Knight

Paul Levin

The Daniel & Nancy Magida Family Fund

The McCarthy Family

Kenneth Mettel

The Meyerson Family

Dr. Joan Clayton Schwartz & Dr. Michael Schwarts

Anne & Dana Troxell

Marlo Villepigue

The Zirn Family

FRIENDS: $99 and under

Lois & Eric Baron

Laurie & Chris Bradbury

Peggy & Matthew Bud

Joseph Cina

Colleen & T.J. Crawford

Helen & Arne deKeijzer

Kathleen & Tom Failla

Lisa & Mal Flanagan

Joanne Folger

Lynda & Daniel Hennessey

Keith Lender

Lois Miller

Diana & David Muller

Tammy Herzog Roberts

Carole & Bob Soloff

Ellen & Bob Uzenoff