OUR IMPACT – 1995-Present

Our impact in 2014

Robotics Clubs – Weston Intermediate School/Weston Middle School                                 $17,500

Students will be exposed to the science and technology concepts involved in working with robotics. They will have an opportunity to identify and socialize with peers and teacher mentors with similar interest in robotics and other STEM related areas.

Weston Public School Writing Center – Weston High School                                                    $6,000

This writing center pilot includes student workshops in the areas of topic thesis and research writing, professional development involving writing strategies for 9th and 10th English and social studies departments, and an online writing resource.

Art Room Digital Projectors – Weston High School                                                                     $3,100

These specialized projectors are designed to project art visually with a higher resolution, which allows the presentation of contemporary and historical artwork. Students will use this technology for presentations and video resources.

Online Newspaper – Weston High School                                                                                     $1,000

The objective of this grant is to help build a healthy, modern Journalism program at Weston High School through purchasing of an online newspaper and team building.

Laser Engraver – Weston High School                                                                                            $3,000

The Laser Engraver enhances the Project Lead the Way program by exposing students, through hands-on authentic experience, to various forms of rapid prototyping and product development equipment. Students have the opportunity to work with real clients in order to practice design and product development.

 Powerful STEM Play for Norfield Children’s Center – Community                                           $1,500

Through an after-school program, students will have daily opportunities to explore and apply math, technology and problem solving concepts which they have learned in school. All participants will gain first-hand knowledge and additional vocabulary to explain the processes they are witnessing.

Girl Scouts Cyber Anti Bully Campaign – Community                                                                   $900

Girl Scout Troop# 50456 created an animated video and the NOT campaign (No Online Targets) to discourage cyber bullying for 4th-6th graders.

 Music Therapy – Hurlbutt Elementary School                                                                               $900

Music Therapy is a unique, multi-modal avenue of providing special needs students with a variety of musical experiences to positively impact cognitive, social/emotional, communication and motor development.


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