Here are a few tips to assist you in submitting a grant application.

Grant applications should:

  • be specific and well-written
  • have a specific budget and explanation of how and when funds will be spent
  • be tied to a learning goal or meet a specific unmet need of students or residents
  • ideally, support projects that are collaborative and that have the potential to be duplicated by other classrooms or sites

A successful school-based application will:

  • support projects that encourage and facilitate innovative teaching practices
  • enrich learning in the classroom
  • promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas
  • further district initiatives and curriculum goals

Some reasons why grants may not be approved:

  • the goal of the project is unclear
  • the cost per student is exceptionally high and/or the number of students affected is very low
  • the application requests the purchase of technology or software that cannot be supported by the district
  • the project is not clearly tied to learning goals
  • the project could easily be funded by other sources
  • the project is not innovative or does not have a sound plan to evaluate success
  • the request falls within a category of grants that WEF does not fund