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The purpose of the Weston Education Foundation’s Teacher Development and Creativity Grant is to benefit students and enable teachers to enhance and enrich educational programs. These grants are intended to encourage ‘out of the box’ instruction that is creative and innovative curriculum development.


Any certified staff member currently employed by the Weston Public Schools can apply for a grant.


Grants will be awarded to a maximum of $1,500. These grants will be awarded for projects that are not presently fundable by other sources. Funding will be limited to the costs of materials, equipment, and services that benefit students.


WEF will use the following general criteria when screening applications:

  • Students are engaged in a problem-solving approach to learning, involving inquiry and investigation.
  • Students are using higher-level reasoning, abstract, and critical thinking skills.
  • Students are involved in a project that promotes creative expression.
  • Students have the opportunity to develop self-directed learning and study skills.

In addition, preference will be given to those projects that can potentially be continued or repeated in future years without additional WEF funding.

Application Process

Complete sections I, II, and III and have the school principal, superintendent, or assistant superintendent sign the attached application. Applications should be emailed by May 15 to grants@westoneducationfoundation.org.

For further information, please e-mail the Weston Education Foundation’s Education Grants Committee at grants@westoneducationfoundation.org.

Grants Committee

Marcia Hamelin
Sandy Hart
Dana Lintell
Eileen Sawyer
Caroline Schreder
Karen Sitney
Liz Stokes
Alisa Trugerman