The Weston Education Foundation gives the David Trigaux Innovation Award to a teacher who has demonstrated an unusual level of originality and dedication toward creative teaching – a teacher who has truly made a difference in our school community.

The Award is named for David Trigaux — teacher, principal, program administrator, and former superintendent of the Weston Schools — who was widely recognized for encouraging creativity in education and for his support of teachers who brought it to their classrooms.  He also played a critical role in the start and early evolution of Weston Education Foundation.


Any Weston school administrator or certified or non-certified staff member may nominate a teacher for the award.  Self-nomination is not permitted.  The deadline for nominations for 2024 is May 1st.


The Award is a cash gift of $2,000, which may be used in any way that fosters innovation in the classroom, including travel, studies, or work outside the classroom.  WEF’s objective is to enable the teacher to pursue his/her work with increased vigor.


The nominee must:

  • Have introduced substantive curricular innovations that may be replicated by others.
  • Have invented new and effective ways of teaching a broad range of students and responding to the diverse needs of all students in the classroom.
  • Have taught in Weston for at least four years; been granted tenure in Connecticut; be a teacher in good standing; and be returning to the Weston schools in the coming year.


For further information on how to submit a nomination: Click here