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The purpose of the Weston Education Foundation’s Expert-in-Residence Grant is to enable a recognized, outside expert in a specific curriculum area to be hired as a consultant to the schools to provide a comprehensive program on curriculum development and teacher education.


Any certified staff member currently employed by the Weston Public Schools can apply for a grant. Preference will be given to teams of teachers, curriculum leaders, grade level/department chairpersons, and/or school administrators. The expert cannot be a current employee of the Weston Public Schools.


Grants will be awarded to a maximum of $5,000 per Expert-in-Residence program. The funds shall be used to cover the expert’s employment cost and any special materials needed by students and/or teachers. Funds will not be granted for materials normally supplied by the Board of Education. Funds will not be made available for substitute teachers. Grants, once approved by WEF, will be administered by the Weston Public Schools.


WEF will use the following general criteria when screening applications:

  • The expert should be a recognized professional with expertise in a specific subject area (e.g., science, art) and should demonstrate the use of innovative, effective instructional strategies and techniques.
  • The expert’s subject area should be a natural extension of the school curriculum.
  • The proposed program needing an expert must be comprehensive. It should involve the expert working with one or more grade levels at regular intervals over an extended period of time.
  • As part of this comprehensive program, the expert must be engaged in:
    • training teachers in both the content area and instructional strategies
    • developing substantive curriculum enhancements that can be used in future years
    • working directly with students, culminating in a demonstrable activity or project.
  • The expert should also be available for at least one program that presents an opportunity for community-wide learning.

Application Process

The attached application, containing detailed information about both the expert and a description of the proposed program requiring the use of the expert, must be completed in full and endorsed by the appropriate department chairperson and the school principal, as well as the superintendent or assistant superintendent of schools.

This application and proposal should be emailed by May 15 to grants@westoneducationfoundation.org.

WEF’s Education Grants Committee will review your application and proposal on an individual basis. As part of the review process, the committee will meet and interview the applicant(s).

WEF strongly encourages communication throughout the application process. Education Grant Committee members are available individually to answer questions and offer advice. However, final decisions will be made by the full Board of the Weston Education Foundation and awarded solely at the Board’s discretion.

For further information, please e-mail grants@westoneducationfoundation.org.

Grant Committee Members

Marcia Hamelin
Sandy Hart
Dana Lintell
Eileen Sawyer
Caroline Schreder
Karen Sitney
Liz Stokes
Alisa Trugerman