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To apply for one of these grants, please:

  1. Download the grant application.
  2. Complete the application in full,  including detailed information about both the expert and a description of the proposed program requiring the use of the expert.
  3. The application should be endorsed by the appropriate department chairperson, the school principal, as well as the superintendent or assistant superintendent of schools.
  4. The application and proposal should be emailed by May 15 to grants@westoneducationfoundation.org.
  5. WEF strongly encourages communication throughout the application process. The Education Grant Committee members are available individually to answer questions and offer advice. However, final decisions will be made by the full Board of the Weston Education Foundation and awarded solely at the Board’s discretion.
  6. All grant recipients must complete a Final Report upon completion of the program.    Grants in excess of $3,000 require an interim Report three months after the project start date.  The Grant Report Form can be downloaded here.

For further information, please e-mail the Weston Education Foundation’s Education Grants Committee at grants@westoneducationfoundation.org.