Weston Education Foundation Presents 2015 David Trigaux Award

The Weston Education Foundation (WEF) recently honored Weston High School Art Educator, Gina Arena, with the esteemed David Trigaux Innovation Award. WEF gives this award to teachers who demonstrate an unusual level of originality and dedication toward creative teaching. The Award may be used in any way that fosters educational innovation, including travel, studies, or work outside the classroom.

Ms. Arena was recognized for her work with a broad array of students who she encourages to find creative solutions through visual problem solving. “I believe everyone has the ability to visually express him or herself and I strive to give students the confidence to do so,” she said.

Students in Ms. Arena’s class are directed to use various techniques learned throughout the semester to demonstrate their mastery of creative problem solving skills. At the end of a unit, students write artist’s statements to reflect on their work. “They also receive peer feedback during student led, formal class critiques where they are encouraged to highlight their peers’ successes and make concrete suggestions for areas that could be improved,” she explained.

WEF is honored to present this prestigious award in support of innovative educators such as Ms. Arena. We encourage other educators to celebrate her unique spirit and to pursue their own innovative paths. For more information on WEF and the David Trigaux Award, please visit www.westoneducationfoundation.org